Part 2) Drafts + Option Presentation: The Thread Caravan Identity Illustrations

After seeing the drafts (see her specific feedback at the bottom of Part 1B) I brought the ideas into the computer. While we talked about 3 or 4 of our favorites, I ultimately narrowed it down to the two most prominent of the ideas:

 1.) The mandala idea we initially talked about, which featured stick figures representing the different arts being explored on the various retreats that will be taken.

2.) The hands weaving with the thread. Some feature the globe, others just a strong text presence (since I felt the busy-ness of the organic, hand-drawn image paired best with a sturdy font). The script fonts used were initially just place-holders, in lieu of a truly hand-drawn byline or title (which had yet to be chosen). Since at this point the business name and byline weren't set in stone, I played with a couple different name options she provided me with while it was still in flux, including "The Thread Movement" and "The Thread Collective".