Part 3A) Finalizing (lettering): The Thread Caravan Identity Illustrations

Caitlin ultimately decided to go with the hands weaving illustration. We now needed to focus on the typography. I offered several options for the text, including some hand-drawn lettering, however in the end Caitlin decided that since the illustration was so intricate she wanted the words to be simple in contrast.

Here is a peek into my very messy lettering process:

Here are a couple of the options I provided at this stage, before we decided to go back to a simpler font option:

After deciding we wanted to go back to a thinner font, she provided me with fonts she liked, seen here: 

Finally we decided this was the best option.

In the end she and her colleague decided the original font used in the first round of mockups was the one they wanted to use for "The Thread Caravan" paired with one of the lower-case script fonts from one of the most recent designs (directly above) for the byline: