Benefit Cosmetics, Benefit Club Pink

Program Overview

This program was conceived as a way of bringing in new, fresh faces to the makeup game, adding authentic engagement with Benefit's audience and essentially creating Brand Ambassadors for Benefit Cosmetics to leverage earned media value.

In just two months, Benefit garnered $8.3 MILLION in EMV and 6,654 posts on Instagram using the campaign hashtag #benefitclubpink.

Concept Pitches

This program is geared toward millennials and specifically the new wave of younger Instagram "mini" influencers (under 100K followers) so I wanted to get a distinctly young and fresh vibe. For inspiration, I went straight to the source and derived specific aesthetics from some of the highly curated Instagram pages of the very mini-influencers we would be targeting.


1.) @IAMALFIEUX - softer colors with bold accents / light pastels / gradients / pastel rainbow / insta sticker-style / unicorns

2.) @ALLIEGLINES - neutrals and light pastels / clean / classy

3.) @HEFLAWLESS - pinks and yellows / lemonade / bright

Final Style Sheet: