Franny + Alex | Wedding Invitation Design Process: [3] Final

The final result:

(Check out the whole process of how I got here, starting from the beginning)

If you know me, you know I firmly believe (mostly out of necessity of living in San Francisco) that beauty and style don't have to suffer just because you're on a budget. You also may know that wedding invitations are not a cheap endeavor, even if you completely nix the cost of the actual design work behind it and are solely paying for the paper and printing alone. I scoured the internet and contacted various local paper companies. Ultimately I found that has by far the cheapest options for envelopes (by such a large margin, in fact, that I was genuinely worried until the point of checkout that it might tell me at the last minute that I would have to order one of their designs first before I could order the complementary envelopes). Granted, there are limited options in terms of the colors of envelopes (they only offer kraft, white and silver) as well as for printing on them (basically only black ink, unless it is one of their pre-made designs, which for some reason are not color-customizable) — BUT! You can get completely free recipient address printing, which is pretty sweet. (The return address printing costs extra, however).

Franny went with their silver envelope option to complement the greys in her design, which, with my discount (did I mention I work at their back office?) turned out extremely cheap at literally 1/3 of the cost of everywhere else I had looked (even without my discount it would have been a comparable difference).

Another fun way I thought of to help cut cost was to make the RSVP into a postcard, thus completely eliminating the need for 180 return-addressed envelopes (which cost significantly more than recipient-addressed envelopes at Minted, for whatever reason).

We saved on printing of the actual invitation and RSVP because my buddy Jorge, happens to work at the locally renowned Clubcard Printing, just down the street from my apartment and totally hooked it UP! They were great to work with, and the results were even better. I picked a couple red and orange flowers that caught my attention on my walk back home from picking up the prints, to complement the color scheme, and I could hardly wait to take these shots of the final product:

(Check out the whole process of how I got here, starting from the beginning)

To check out beautiful photos of Franny + Alex's wedding day, head over to Fab You Bliss blog Megan Reeves Photography captured beautifully the custom poster I made for them as well!