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Stranded on Benefit Island

Benefit Cosmetics, Stranded on Benefit Island Campaign

Campaign Overview:

Playing off the editorial question, ‘what’s your desert island essential?’, this campaign drives awareness and demand to five of Benefit's best-selling core products by adding newness to a classic product through limited edition packaging, which features the faces of top tier beauty influencers to leverage their platform and organic reach.

Concept Development:

During this phase, the campaign name had not been finalized, but we knew it was to be Desert Island themed, below is my deck of inspiration and potential concepts:

Final Campaign Style Sheet with photography:

In the end we ended up going with the scripted lock up, which tbh, was my least favorite, but served the market best. We paired this logo with some top notch photography of some of the beauty industry's most elite influencers, the photoshoot taking place on the exotic shores of LA and art directed by Adriana Parada in tandem with Lola Creative.

Marketing Product Send:

We send out product "hauls" to beauty influencers and it is always a fun challenge to create new and dynamic packaging to generate excitement with the unboxing and increase digital exposure to new products being gifted. For this "send" I worked closely with my man Richard at PR1MARY COLOR to provide a really cool "unboxing" experience — the influencers received a treasure chest wrapped in a cloth treasure map, tied with an on-brand pink sailor's rope and filled with tons of new product to create hype around this campaign.

In addition to this "unboxing", in order to drive additional social coverage and excitement for the launch, Benefit hand-delivered 5 life-size rafts showcasing our influencers stranded on Benefit island! 

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